Dealing with Peer Pressure

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How are you all doing?

In today’s post, I want to talk about something which can affect anybody, and most people have probably experienced it at some point in their lives: peer pressure.

“Stop being so boring and come out tonight,” “go on, you know you want to.” Sound familiar? Have you ever felt pressured into doing something you haven’t wanted to do but have ended up doing it just because you think it will please the people around you? You probably have, and that’s ok, because I’m sure it’s happened to all of us.

I feel like school and University are breeding grounds for peer pressure. During these times, you are surrounded by people who are finding themselves and wanting to try new things. It makes us feel like we have to do what everyone else is doing because we want to fit in, and we want approval from others. But, the important key to dealing with peer pressure is by staying true to yourself. Loving yourself and respecting your values is crucial in order to find the strength to reject unwanted experiences in a pressured situation. If you are in a situation where you feel pressured to do something you don’t want to do – then put yourself first and don’t do it.

It’s easier said than done, I understand that, and in the moment it’s difficult. Our mind becomes a battleground between our morals and wanting to please other people. And, when in this pressured environment, irrational thoughts will materialise into our minds, such as; ‘they won’t like me if I don’t do it.’ (although its important to recognise these thoughts are often untrue and irrational). Plus, if these people were your friends and they valued you as a person, they wouldn’t force you or pressure you to do anything – they would accept and respect your decisions and will love you regardless!

In a situation where you are being peer pressured, being able to recognize in the moment that you feel uncomfortable/uneasy about doing something is already an important step to staying true to yourself. You can then trust your feelings and remind yourself that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Value your opinions and yourself. Just because everyone else wants one thing doesn’t mean you want it too. We are all different and that’s totally fine!

So, in summary, stay true to yourself and your beliefs and don’t feel like you’re a bad person by saying no to people. Your true friends will stick by you and accept you for the person you are regardless if you want to do certain things or not.

Hope you have a lovely day and I hope this helps!

Lots of love,
Somewhat Perfect xxx

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Starting the Academic Year

Hey guys!

Currently sat by my desk drinking a cup of tea with some fluffy socks on. Looking outside the sky is a grey shield, and it’s been raining all morning, but I kind of like it because it means Autumn is definitely creeping on us! It’s just such a cosy time of year: lighting the fire, hot chocolates, watching the green leaves turn pleasantly crisp and beautifully orange.

I thought I would write a blog post today because it’s also the time of year where people head back to school and back to University. Being a Uni student myself, I know that the thought of starting a new academic year can be daunting but also refreshing. It’s a time where you can set yourself goals – academic or not and grow as independent individuals. I’m going to focus this blog entry on going back to school, and I’ll write another entry in a couple of days’ about going back to University, as for me, both routines are quite different so it’s just easier to write about them separately!

The thought of going back to school after such a long break made me feel a little uneasy on the days approaching the new academic year. I’d find myself asking ‘What if the work is too difficult for me?’ or ‘What if I can’t handle the work load.’ Everyone has their own worries about school, but the trick of mastering these worries is to try and enjoy it. I know that really sounds crazy, but the more you try to accept things, the easier they become. An example I can talk about is the dreaded ongoing battle I had with Maths during my GCSE period. I’m sure you guys can relate – maybe you struggle with English? Or you struggle with History? Everyone has their own struggles, and that’s totally ok!

Here’s a story for you. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with natural mathematical ability. I really, really struggled with it. I once got a practice exam mark back and was so disheartened to see ‘29%’ written on the front page. It’s a very discouraging feeling, getting knocked back after working so hard. So that night, my Dad sat me down and said “This sounds bizarre, but you just need to make friends (metaphorically) with Maths. Enjoy it for what it is.” I contemplated on this saying for a while, but I realised that the route of my struggle with maths was because I kept fighting against it. Instead of accepting and focusing on what needed to be done, I was very quick to turn to negative feelings towards it because I knew I wasn’t naturally the most talented at it. After thinking about what my Dad told me, I made a promise to myself. I set myself a reasonable goal, which was to attend extra Maths sessions once a week, and to work on past papers for 30 minutes every night after school. I wasn’t harsh on myself and I rewarded myself every time I went to the extra sessions and whenever I completed a past paper. My mindset towards Maths changed, because I began focussing on the present and what I was achieving presently, rather than thinking ‘I could be so much better than this.’ I gradually saw my marks increased, and I’m not saying they increased to 100% because of course they didn’t – and I didn’t mind that, because I was content and proud with the hard work I put in and just the fact my marks were improving was making me pleased. I ended up achieving a B which I was unbelievably proud of, and it made everything worthwhile.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, if you feel like you are struggling, don’t give up! Fight the battle with whatever seems to not be going in your favour. Whether it’s having difficulty with a subject, or not getting along with a teacher. The power of your mind will win the battle, and holding a more positive, believable attitude will make things a lot easier.

I hope this little bit of advice helps, if you have any questions please contact! Don’t hesitate to comment below to share your stories or give any feedback!

Lots of love, Somewhat Perfect xxx