A Guide to the Creamiest Hot Chocolate

Hello everyone – how are you doing!?

Although Christmas and New Year have been and gone, I think it’s safe to say that we are still in the midst of Winter. Frosty mornings and blue skies have greeted us most days, and we’ve even been lucky enough to watch white, delicate snowflakes fall, each thickening the quilt of white glistening snow on the ground.

Cosying up by the fire on a Winter’s evening, hands clasped around a warm mug of hot chocolate with your favourite movie on – you can’t beat it, right? As we all know, I have consumed one too many hot chocolates this winter! I’ve recieved a few requests asking me to share some top tips on how I make my hot chocolates! They’re pretty simple tips, but they make all the difference! So, if you’re interested in making the silkiest and creamiest hot chocolate, keep reading!

Tip 1: Use your favourite mug
Sounds overly simple and obvious – but drinks taste so much nicer to me when I am drinking them from my favourite mug! (And to all you bloggers out there, this is a great opportunity to get out the camera and take some pics for your feed) *wink wink*

Tip 2: Warm the chocolate powder with the milk in a pan
If you can, warm the milk AND hot chocolate powder in a pan (on a low heat!) As it gradually warms, the hot chocolate powder and milk combine to create a silky-smooth mixture. This also avoids all chances of the chocolate powder clumping together at bottom of the mug, which often happens when you place the powder in the mug and add the milk afterwards. I also usually stay clear of syrup in hot chocolates as I find it a little too rich – but that’s just a personal preference!

Tip 3: Place the marshmallows UNDERNEATH the cream
After making copious amounts of hot chocolate during my part time job in a café, I learnt to master the art of hot chocolate toppings. If you’re a marshmallow fan, I would recommend always putting the marshmallows underneath the cream on top of the chocolate milk! The marshmallows delicately melt, sweetening the milk and adding a soft, foam-like layer on top. Then, add your whipped cream and you’re good to go! (PS – there’s no such thing as being too generous with whipped cream!)

Tip 4: Use an alternative milk, such as oat milk!
I use oat milk with hot chocolates, as I find this makes the hot chocolate much creamier! Just an additional tip there that you could also try!

Let me know how you get on with these tips and be sure to send me photos of the next hot chocolate you make! I hope these little tips have answered some of your questions and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post!

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Triple Chocolate Cookies

Good morning everyone, how are you today?

Like many others, I find comfort in baking and have recently rediscovered my love for it since spending so much time at home! Creating a fluffy mixture, infusing the kitchen with sweet goodness whilst watching bakes rise into soft, freshly-baked puddings is so relaxing. Over the weekend, I made some delicious triple chocolate chip cookies and I promised I’d share the recipe with you – so here it is!

You will need:

200g butter, 300g caster sugar, 1 egg, 275g self-raising flour, 75g cocoa powder, a bar of Cadburys milk chocolate, a bar of white chocolate and a baking tray


Put the oven on 200ᵒC. Soften the butter and mix it with the sugar. Add the egg and mix again. Then sift the flour and the cocoa powder. The mixture will not be runny – it should be relatively ‘firm’ and easy to mould! (Shown in the images below.) Then, break the chocolate bars into smaller pieces (I usually just half the segments so the chocolate pieces are quite big.) Mix and voila! Roll the mixture into balls, flatten them slightly once they’re on the baking tray and pop them in the oven for literally 7-9 minutes! They don’t look ready as soon as they’re out the oven but don’t be fooled!

So, there’s the recipe! It’s super simple and it makes the most delicious cookies – I swear by them! It’s pretty flexible too, you can add whatever chocolate bars you like, however, I do just stick to the standard Cadburys and white milky bar.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and let me know how you get on with the cookies, I’d love to see how they turn out!

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Homemade Banana Bread

Hi guys, how are you doing? I hope you are all safe and well.

From spending all this time at home, I have begun to appreciate the comforting scent of a freshly baked cake straight out the oven. Baking has always been a hobby of mine – there’s something so satisfying about turning a buttery, sugary mixture into a fluffy sponge of goodness. Last week, I was passing time and decided to bake a banana bread. I followed an old recipe from ‘River Cottage,’ but I altered it a little bit. It turned out super delicious and so I thought I’d share it with you!

You need:
100g unsalted butter (I used salted and it was fine!)
125g light brown sugar
2 eggs
2/3 ripe bananas
100/125g raisins/apricots/chocolate (anything you fancy, really!) – measurements are quite general for this because, in my opinion, it’s up to you how much filling you want to put in. I used raisins as we didn’t have any apricots in
200g self-raising flour
Lemon/orange (for the zest – not essential!)

Method is super simple!
Begin by mixing the butter (softened) and sugar in a bowl to form a creamy mixture. Then, crack the eggs into the bowl and mix again. Then, mash the banana’s into a paste and also add them into the mixture. Follow this by adding the raisins/apricots/chocolate (whichever filling you prefer) and mix well. Then, grate the lemon or orange zest into the bowl and mix! Then, it’s time to sift the flour and mix again. Pour the batter into a prepared tin and place in the oven for about 50 minutes (keep an eye on it though) on 160ᵒC.

Its really easy and it’s absolutely delicious – I’ve used the same recipe since I was young, and it’s never failed me!

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Vegan Pancake Recipe

Hey guys! How are you doing today?

The rain here has plummeted down constantly this week, falling from the grey clouds and spitting on the ground – not ideal! However, we can’t forget that Pancake Day is soon approaching! A few months ago, I tried out a vegan pancake recipe and I absolutely loved it. From the powdery flour to the sugary vanilla extract, this recipe requires minimal ingredients and is super easy to make! So, today I thought I would share it with you! I don’t know about you, but nothing feels better than sipping a hot cup of tea under a soft blanket on a cold Sunday evening. So, get cosy and I hope you enjoy the post!

I’m pretty sure I found this recipe on the BBC website, but there are plenty of other vegan pancake recipes on the internet! All you need is:

300g self-raising flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1 or 2 tbsp sugar, vanilla extract, some cooking oil, 400g plant-based milk (I used oat milk), a mixing bowl, whisk/spoon and a frying pan!
I added 2 tbsp of sugar because I wanted them sweet!
Canola oil and light olive oil are good to use!

Throw them into a mixing bowl and give the mixture a whisk to create a smooth batter! Once smoothened and thick, scoop a portion of the mixture onto the frying pan, wait a few minutes and flip! It’s so satisfying to hear the mixture sizzle, as the creamy batter turns to golden baked circles of fluffiness.

To decorate, I drizzled the pancakes with maple syrup, pleasantly watching the syrupy liquid glaze over the freshly baked batch. I also sliced a fresh banana which added extra flavour (as well as adding a healthy twist!) But obviously there’s plenty of alternative options such as lemon, sugar, strawberries and chocolate (if you aren’t vegan) etc!

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know how you get on with your pancakes! Have a fantastic week and a great Pancake Day!

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