Hey friends!

Firstly, welcome to Somewhat Perfect.

Come and join our loving community where we blog about lifestyle and share our advice with you! We have been wanting to create this platform for a while and have finally gathered the courage to make one! Hopefully, this blog will help you guys, as we will cover a whole range of topics from university and school to positive mentality and relationships. As uni students ourselves, we have been through stressful times and we feel it’s important to share these experiences as they are so common and it’s good to talk about them. Nobody’s lives are ever a continuously smooth-running process, and so we are here as your friends to give advice, help and chit-chat about life.

This is a new experience for us, but we are hoping you guys join in with this journey to create a positive and welcoming place for everyone. Nothing is better than snuggling up in bed with a nice drink, switching off any distractions and reading a good blog post. It’s so relaxing – it allows thoughts to be shared and problems to be halved. Sharing our stories, advice and ideas is something we cannot wait to do with you guys!

So please, grab your favourite drink and snack and use this platform as a happy haven – zone out and enjoy the content!

For now, we wish you all a lovely day/evening. You are all amazing – each and every one of you.

Speak soon

Somewhat Perfect xxx

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