Staying Positive

A common problem I notice a lot of my family and friends struggling with is keeping a positive mindset. Most people can relate to the feeling of the world working against them. Today’s society can put a lot of pressure on our relationships, friendships, work or school life. When more than one of these factors present issues, it can become very overwhelming, quickly leading into a negative mindset. You might have thoughts such as ‘Why am I bothering anyway?’, ‘I give up’ or ‘I can’t do this’.

Often when I am trying to overcome personal challenges, I focus on maintaining a positive outlook. Of course you are probably thinking ‘it is easier said than done’; which is true. However, developing a positive mind is something we have to work on, here are my top tips for you to think about and help change your outlook…

  1. Keeping Perspective– Sometimes in the heat of the moment, when emotions are involved, an argument or a stress that is on your mind can feel really big. Of course this only works for smaller issues, however looking at the bigger picture of your life and considering how important this particular issue is, can help you to realise that things are more okay than they seem.
  2. Thankfulness– Focusing on the aspects of your life that you are grateful for. I like to write a list in my diary of things that I sometimes take for granted such as family, friends and uni. Often appreciating these things helps to give the perspective I was describing before.
  3. Positive people– This is something I have only understood the importance as I have got older. The people you surround yourself with can have a massive impact on the way you think and the person that you become. Always choose friends who build you up, support you and encourage you to reach your goals. Talking through things on your mind, however big or small with these people will make the world of difference.

I hope some of these are useful for you, let us know in the comments below what you do to stay positive when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Thank you for reading 🙂


Somewhat Perfect x

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