Spending Alone Time

Hey guys!

Anyone else feel the need to bake after watching Bake-off?? I’m a sucker for it – last night, I was in bed watching the Bake-off and I just felt this warming urge to bake something! This links with the topic I’m going to talk about today – which is having alone time.

I’ve come to learn that having alone time is actually so important. Every day we are all so consumed with day-to-day chaotic life that we actually forget to indulge ourselves in self-care. So, this morning, I woke up and decided that I’m going to forget about my “to-do” list for an hour – and utilise this time to spend it doing something which will make me feel relaxed and calm. And so I chose to bake, as I’ve always enjoyed it and I definitely don’t do it as much as I’d like to. I printed off a recipe from online, switched my phone off and enjoyed the time alone. It was so calming – throwing in the ingredients, inhaling the sweet aroma of freshly made cupcakes in the oven and topping them with chocolate buttercream swirls.

And of course – you don’t have to bake if it’s not for you! There are so many other ways to spend quality time alone. I’ll list them for you: writing in a diary, watching a film, taking a bath, going for a walk, drawing, colouring in, reading a book, going for a run or listening to an audio book. The list is endless, and it doesn’t have to be an hour either. Even half an hour, or 15 minutes of meditation before bed is still spending some alone time which will benefit your emotional and mental wellbeing. I understand it is sometimes difficult to squeeze into our hectic routines, but it is most definitely worthwhile.

So, after reading this, treat yourself and set a time slot today or tomorrow where you will spend some quality alone time. It will do wonders for your wellbeing!

Let me know what you plan to do!

Somewhat Perfect xxx

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